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To read his life and learn to adapt.

Your brain informs you and anticipates what needs to be corrected. The events of the life, the situations, the stresses, are  reference mark which are  important to know to decode. The language of the emotional brain - known as limbic - is translated in practice epigenetic in order to allow a faster and durable adaptation.

Learn to correct ourself


In practice epigenetic, one helps the person to learn from new assets which “fell asleep” over the generations in order to have the behaviors adapted to the circumstances of its life, and to thus better apprehend its future. The Noguès method used, is a learning technique and it is in that it is radically different from the practices suggested until today.

What wish you to improve in your life?

There is no fate. Take your life over.


All can be corrected, the dysfunctions are not fates. Once the awakening is made, one can all learn how to function differently for our good being. To learn is a question of motivation, and repetition in the experiment.

christophe rivé
pratique en épigénétique
pratique en épigénétique
pratique en épigénétique

Not to dream our life more, but to live our dreams.



pratique en épigénétique
sexual problems

Christophe Rivé

To improve its future thanks to knowledge into epigenetic

  • Thanks to new neuroscientific knowledges, today one can associate certain genes and their expressions, with what was transmitted and learned.

  • The discovery of our cerebral plasticity and neurogenesis increase considerably the prospects for new adapted trainings, and behaviors.

  • The epigenetic strategy of a person is at a given time, the cartography of an expression of its genes which gives him at the same time aptitudes but also inaptitudes.

  • That it is on the personal or professional level, this cartography which changes in an implicit way throughout the life nevertheless is strongly marked by the trainings of childhood.

  • To understand what was transmitted, to understand what was learned, to locate the useless maladjustments and blockings, stresses and the situations of alarms, before our brain does not send more violent alarms, are a stage that today knowledge in practice epigenetic can help to cross.

  • To correct these deluded trainings then makes it possible to better benefit from the life and its possible as well on the personal level as on the professional plan and thus to stop endorsing the obsolete behaviors for oneself, its entourage and his descent.


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